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November 15, 2023 By luedh

The right you can choose up to three forms of content that you want to work with. If you opt for infographics, you will then see different templates. You can also choose three of these. Base on your choice, you will then receive recommende templates. That saves a lot of searching! You can quickly add your corporate identity. Quick as in enter your website and Venngage will retrieve your colors, fonts and logo. Venngage is easy to use. All icons, images and objects are sorte by subject and there is a search function. Small detail, with characters you can adjust the skin color.

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Venngage is also the right place for data visualization. There is a wide range of graphs, tables and much more. Want to add a word web. That too is possible. Whichever design you choose, you can easily adjust your data photo editor via a sheet or import an Excel or CSV file. venngage If you get stuck while designing, Venngage offers to help you through a walkthrough. The platform is very easy to use anyway and helps you where necessary. Disadvantage of Venngage You nee a subscription to download your design. Venngage offers three plans. You pay, per month for a professional subscription.

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Business subscription and, dont worry, at least. Per month for a company. This last subscription is valid for people and you get your own account manager. . Infogram You can also go to Infogram for creating infographics and other types of content. There are many different USA B2B List templates available. Whether you want to visualize a process, a timeline or various figures, there are templates for every purpose. This platform is a lot less user-friendly. Where normally all parts and navigation speak for themselves, this is not the case here. Furthermore, Infogram is very limite in the free possibilities. When you choose a template, it is not possible to adjust the color of the text, for example.