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March 1, 2023 By luedh

Spans are shrinking, not growing. And we’ve seen short form TikToks and Instagram Reels take off as a result of tha. However, when it es to getting more video views, you have to keep in mind that ’s algorithm is partial to what’s good for. And wants people to stay on its platform longer. So if your video is longer, has more incentive to promote your video organically and have more people watch it because it keeps people on their platform longer So don’t shy away from lengthening your videos Step. Choose topics your audience cares about You’re making happy with longer videos.

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Now you ne to make your audience happy by. Making videos about things they actually care to stop and watch You can do this by making a list of pain points your audiences have, or goals they want to achieve as it relates to your product or service Let’s look at. LYFE Marketing for e ample We are a digital marketing agency and our clients consist of small business owners whose goal is to grow their pany and revenue via online marketing. Thus, our Find Your Phone Numbers entire YouTube channel is dicat to putting out tutorials and informative videos that help you guys achieve that goal.

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The same concept applies to videos You. Want to make videos about something of value to your audience as it relates to your business. And if you’re doing it right, they won’t even care that the videos are longer Even if you follow every other step on this list, it won’t matter if your video content at its core is not something people want to watch Step. Use real people In most cases, sharing what’s call a “talking head” video where you can see the person’s face USA B2B List talking those. Videos tend to outperform videos that are solely animat. Now we say “most cases” because there are some circumstances.