Captioning Has A Feature That Can Auto

March 1, 2023 By luedh

To practice and master audio rooms. The idea behind live audio rooms is so creators can invite e perts, fans, other creators, or guests to join in a discussion. Communities on so they could test the feature and suggest improvements Live Audio. Rooms in Groups & Messenger If you’re a small business and you don’t have a Group, you may be missing out on an e cellent way to. Help your business grow We actually published a post on using Groups for small business, so check.

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That out after you read the rest of this post. How Do They Work When you create a live audio room, creates a post with all of the speakers listed with the host. If you’ve scheduled your live audio room for a later date, creates an. Event for the date List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers and time you selected. Here’s what that looks like audio rooms. The title of your audio room and your hostnames are all discoverable in news feed, notifications, and timeline for folks who fall within your audience settings for the room When a live.

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Schedules a live audio room and when the host starts a room. We notify a speaker’s followers when the speaker accepts the invite to be a speaker in the event. We notify a speaker’s followers when the speaker joins the scheduled room after it has started and accepts the invitation to be a speaker. For live audio rooms that are not scheduled. We notify a host’s followers when the host starts a room We notify a speaker’s followers when. The speaker USA B2B List joins the room and accepts the invitation to be a speaker You can have an unlimited number of listeners in your audio rooms.