The Foundation of Government’s Digital

October 23, 2023 By luedh

 To [email protected] Let’s prove that young Indonesian developers have global certified capabilities! The figure of the State Civil Apparatus isTransformation “In terms of world-class digital competitiveness, Indonesia is in 56th place out of 63 countries” ( IMD World Digital Competitiveness, 2020) Indonesia is not yet competitive in terms of digital competitiveness. Our knowledge, technology and future readiness indicators are below Singapore (2nd), Japan (22nd), Malaysia (26th) and even Thailand (39th).  competitiveness? Digital transformation, one of the main keys. Digital transformation is an effort to activate current business models by integrating modern technology (McKinsey, 2019). In fact, during this pandemic, digital transformation is a top priority.

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Including for 50% of companies in Indonesia (Workday Asia, 08/20). Not only at the private level, the government sector (executive) also  obligation, no longer an option. Digital Transformation of Government to Catch Up “Digital transformation of government has become a necessity” (Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Suahasil Nazara, 12/08) The pandemic whatsapp number list has actually accelerated the process that is often referred to as “Digital Government Transformation”. One important aspect in digital transformation at the government level is the human resources factor. State Civil Apparatus (ASN) with reliable digital technology skills is the basis for accelerating change. Titin Uswatun Hasanah (35 years), one of them. This Dicoding graduate works daily.

Technology Information Center

As a Computer Officer at theof the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. Titin realized that: “In the future everything will be digital. As an ASN I have to keep up with the times. We have to start now to learn these digital skills, so we don’t get left behind .” (Titin). Talking about backwardness, Indonesia ranks 88th USA B2B List out of 193 countries in the 2020 United Nations E-Government annual survey . The indicators are as follows: Implementation of e-government platforms, integration of offline and online services, development of digital services Increased online participation and partnerships Adopt a data-driven approach Strengthening digital capacity to create