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A lot of knowledge. Hopefully in the future we will be able to learn new digital skills!” (Titin) Government Digital Transformation Starts With Agents Let’s reflect on the story above. Imagine that in the future the majority of Indonesian digital talent – including other State Civil Apparatus – will think and act as visionaries like Titin. Of course, Indonesia’s position on the world’s digital competitiveness map will accelerate. Why? -centered services Use of innovative technologies such as AI and blockchain in the development of smart cities. Upgrade ASN Skills through focus of transformation is actually the agent/HR factor. It’s not just advanced technology that is applied. 

There is a human factor behind

It which produces innovation and utilizes the technology itself. Like Titin, Indonesia needs more talent. Of course , those who are ready to change their mindset and upgrade themselves so that they are strong enough to control change . The figure of the State Civil Apparatus is the Foundation of the End-Government Digital Transformation Reference: McKinsey, “Digital Transformation: Improving the Odds ws data of Success.“ Laporan IMD World Digital Competitiveness, 2020 Laporan UN E-Government , 2020 Indonesian Ministry of Finance, “Digital Transformation has Become a Must.” Let’s read stories from other public sector servants Mandiri Health Pavilion: Android Application in the Health Sector by Semarang Developer Online Patient Registration System: Cool Innovation by Putra PapuaHello, aspiring Android developers.

To create an Android application

You need a special IDE. Sounds cool, right? One of the most popular and easy to use IDEs or software is Android Studio. In this tutorial we will discuss how to install Android Studio and the SDK ( Android Software Development Kit) on Windows. Let’s look at the steps on how to install Android Studio in just 15 minutes below. What is Android Studio? android studio Do not know, then do not love. Before starting to install, you USA B2B List must know what Android Studio is. The following is a brief explanation of Android Studio. Android Studio is an IDE or software that functions to create and build Android applications. Android studio is developed by Google. More precisely, it was prepared by JetBrains Intellij IDEA, and is devoted to developing software on the Android platform. 

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