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Instead customers will book through a more. Visible, third party site to which the same company will have to pay a commission. What does the law say about advertising on a competitor s brand The fact that disputes over advertisements with the name of a competing brand are not trivial and are not uncommon is prov by the judgment of the. District Court in Rzeszów. It decid that using the name of a competing e shop in a PPC campaign in order to rirect customers to its own sales. Platform constitutes an act of unfair competition. Importantly, the judiciary rul that the defendant is not releas from liability even in a situation where he did not knowingly use a brand.

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Of another brand, but us the automatic suggestions of the search engine. The advertiser should exclude the disput phrases from the contextual results. The court found the fault of the dishonest website owner, ordering the publication of an apology and payment of PLN , to charity. Google Ads and unfair competition The creators of the world s most popular search engine emphasize that. Google complies with local laws on combating unfair Turkey Mobile Number List competition and protecting trademarks. The company ensures that it considers each complaint fil by the entity holding rights to the trademark and, if necessary, imposes appropriate restrictions on its use.

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At the same time, the owners of the search. Engine emphasize that advertising on a competitor s brand cannot be publish without the consent of the. Trademark owner, even when its purpose is, for example, to compare competing services. The name of a competitor as a keyword When using other companies names as keywords, Google s position is not so clear cut. If an advertisement for a competitor s name us in this form is misleading or. Otherwise misleading, the search engine may restrict or block the campaign. In this context, the judgment of the. Court USA B2B List of Justice of the European Union from should also be recall, according to. Which it is possible to use someone else s trademark.

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