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You might have better luck with this tool if. You can find an interest that is really specific and niche to your product or service. But we would advise that you look at the base interests for your location first. And then, compare those to the top pages it gives you as. You put in different interests to see which ones you can kind of discard. That’s because they’re staying the same no matter what you put in and which interests are actually noteworthy. You can then click on those pages to see what they’re about and what kind of content they post to determine what aspects of the.

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Page are interesting to your target market. But ultimately, our takeaway here is to look at the top pages for your potential audience with a grain of salt. Takeaway Study your current audience, if you’ve never done that before. When it comes to your current audience, we would advise you to study the common gender, age group, and locations following Germany Mobile Number List you. A lot of new advertisers will start broad and cast a wider net with their targeting because they don’t really know who to target yet. For instance, maybe you’ve been boosting posts to get more post engagement and you’re targeting the.

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Unit States as your location. But maybe in your Audience Insights, you see the majority of your followers are from Atlanta, GA. You could then alter your post engagement campaign to solely target Atlanta, and you may see a lower cost per engagement as a result. Because you’re no longer wasting ad spend delivering to an audience or location that isn’t responding to your ad. The same concept can be appli to gender as well. Get Exclusive Marketing USA B2B List Tips Join over , marketers who get exclusive marketing tips that we only share with our subscribers.