What If My Shipment Gets Stuck At Customs

April 13, 2023 By luedh

Delivering products in their best condition is a priority. In general, the best way to package your product is to keep it simple but sturdy.

Choosing the right size is also important. Packaging should not be so tight that the product can move in case of sudden or violent shaking. If there are multiple products in a box, avoid blank spaces. You can use blank paper or filler. For fragile contents, use bubble wrap for extra protection.

Don’t forget to seal your package tightly. There are special packages for sealing boxes with lids and household tape don’t count.

Lastly, label them clearly. This will get your package to the right recipient. Also, make sure all markings on the box or label must be relevant to the packaging.

Other important information to include in your package is:

Reference number

Include the sender’s and recipient’s reference numbers. In case of return or non-delivery, the package can be safely returned to the sender.

So what would you do

First, make sure your package actually Latest Mailing Database physically appears at customs. If so, contact your sender to find out why (could be an outstanding balance or lost paper). Next, ask what you can do to speed up your delivery.

Make sure you have reference numbers, copies of all documents, and that none of the documents are incorrect.

When everything is done, the last thing to do is wait. Sometimes customs hold packages to check the true value of goods is stated accurately.

However, if you choose the right courier or if you use express delivery, most shippers can be cleared from customs right away.

Consider international shipping to scale your e-Commerce business

Latest Mailing Database

International shipping is a wise move to expand your business. Now that we live in an era where opening a shop to the world is at our fingertips—and automation is easy —, international shipping is not so difficult anymore.

More often than not, taking a new USA B2B List route in business is a journey of learning as you go. Feel free to try new approaches and make adjustments as shipping is a growing industry and depends on the seasons.

If you are still unsure whether your e-Commerce is ready to take on the global stage, you can contact Split Dragon for a professional e-Commerce consultation .