Who Pays the Personal Income Tax

April 5, 2023 By luedh

From the bakery on the corner, to the bus driver on your nephew’s route. Through the jury of the Benidorm fest, any natural person who has their . Tax domicile in spain and who earns income that exceeds €22,000 gross per year knows what is personal income tax on a payroll.

As we mentioned before, the income tax is progressive, which means that the tax . Rate or the percentage of the tax increases depending on the economic capacity of the taxpayer.

When is the income tax paid

Until recently, the tax legislation classified the income assessed.By the income tax in 5 different sections or tables of the irpf. With the for Whatsapp Mobile Number List income of more than €300,000 per year. The profits obtained by taxpayers of this tax in spain are taxed as follows:

To give an example, if you earn €35,000 gross per year, the first tranche. Of your salary up to €12,450 will be taxed at a tax rate of 19%. While the next two tranches, those between €12,450 and €20,200. And between €20,200 and €35,200 will be taxed at 24% and 30% respectively.The income campaigns begin at the beginning. Of april and end at the end of june and this year is no exception. The deadlines to present it depend on the means that the taxpayer chooses to do so.

These are the main dates of the fiscal calendar for this tax

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April 6: the deadline for submitting. The income statement electronically opens.
May 5: taxpayers who decide to declare. Their income by telephone may do so as of this day.
June 1: sign up for this date if you prefer. To present your income statement in person.
June 30: last day to file the declaration.Pay your taxes with N26
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