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October 17, 2023 By luedh

Step: check the redirection of entries we’ve redirected the main blog path from redirection to other content, right?now you can safely go and drink the. Although the “ redirect old link” option we used to perform redirection of the plugin should do well, well, Filipino works sometimes it fails. Fuck the technology! what happens is that it does not always correctly convert “ of a post to a permanent link format, generating an error. To reassure us, we will manually check that old posts are properly redirected to new posts.

Main: in this tab you can decide whether

 How will we do it okay, let’s go to the entry and click the eye icon for each new data entry. They will then open in the browser and should now be redirected to the same entry. If it does not find the corresponding entry, it will give us an error, which we must correct. Step: redirection gives the wrong entry the previous step leads us to this step, and we will perform the last procedure to redirect those entries that the plugin cannot handle correctly.

Or not the page/post has a sidebar

 To do this, we will install a new plugin called. Once installed and activated, we open it and it will ask us to run the wizard. We run it using the default option and then continue on to the plugin section where USA B2B List we will work. All we need to do is provide the source ( I.E. Failed ) and target ( I.E. Correct ). If we click the entry again, the redirection will now work correctly. We just need to repeat this process for the remaining entries that have errors.