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Instead of copying and pasting code, you’ll just grab your Pixel ID from the Business Manager and paste it into the FB Pixel ID field. Before you can add the pixel, you have to enable Customer Data Sharing, according to Shopify. Here’s how you do that shopify ads In your Shopify admin, click in the Sales Channels section. Click Settings, and then click Data sharing settings. In the Customer data sharing section, click the Enable data sharing toggle. In the Choose data sharing level section, select Standard, Enhanc, or Maximum. Connect your pixel or select your pixel from the list if you’ve already add one. Click Confirm.

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How to Add or Change a Pixel From your Shopify admin, click Online Preferences. Select Preferences. In the Pixel section, click Add or Change. Save changes. To learn more about Pixel, be sure to check our post for that next. Why Does That Pixel Matter We’re sure you know why pixels matter at this point but just in case, here’s a quick look at the events the pixel tracks and what you can do with that information. Your pixel is important when running Ecuador Mobile Number List Shopify ads, or FB ads in general, because it helps you track what users do on your website. Pixel This can help you learn about your audience, your product, and your website.

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After you integrate a pixel with your online store, the pixel automatically tracks the following events. View Content when a visitor views a page on your website Search – when a visitor makes a search on the site Add To Cart – when a visitor adds a product to the shopping cart Initiate Checkout – when a visitor clicks the checkout button Add Payment Info – when a visitor enters payment info in the checkout Purchase – when a visitor pletes a purchase and views a thank you page in the checkout This information is essential for your other USA B2B List marketing campaigns. This helps you show the most relevant ads to the right people at the right time.