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August 26, 2023 By luedh

We need to be aware, however, that when we publish something on the web it is difficult to have total control of what will happen to your content: it is painful to think that a stranger can attribute the authorship of something we have created to himself, but it is a risk that we know we have to run. On the other hand, precisely because we know we run risks.

It is useful to protect ourselves and ensure that our work is protected and recognized.

In this article we list 4 ways to protect the photos of your article. And for each point we will review the pros and cons to give you more inspiration. Apply a watermark to protect your photos. The most widespread and used. Method involves applying the  Chinese Europe Phone Number List watermark to the photographs that are uploaded online. It is a very suitable solution for creators and those . Who make their own photographic images and graphics. There are many ways to insert a watermark. You can apply the signature in the lower corner or in the center and vary its size as needed. The watermark is very useful for demonstrating ownership of the image and prevents others from stealing and tampering with it.

Depending on the type of image

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we suggest making the watermark more discreet and less invasive. For example, in a photographer’s portfolio, inserting a signature too clearly would USA B2B List  risk disturbing a potential client’s vision of the photograph. So be careful: protect yourself, but make sure that the act of protecting the photo does not compromise its function.  the watermark is Visual Watermark (relying on a professional software is also useful to avoid the clever ones who use algorithms to eliminate watermarks in a massive way). 2 Block the ability to save photos Online there are many plugins that allow you to block the right mouse button on the images to make it not easy to save them.