It would be nearly unusable.

The method is widely used, but it is useful to reflect on its effectiveness . First of all, a more expert user has no difficulty in downloading the photographs anyway (even if the right button is blocked) and in just a few clicks there are many tutorials that teach how to do it. Furthermore, there is a more strategic question: are we sure that the problem is in saving the image? You may want to save an image for many reasons: it’s an opportunity to be remembered and whoever saves the photograph may want to contact us at a later time.

Think of the case of a craftsman who publishes photos of his creations on his blog.

A potential buyer might want to save the photos to help him choose later. On the other hand. Saving an image is different from stealing. It and passing 

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it off as one’s own. We carefully  evaluate the purpose of the images we publish on the web. Add the watermark In some projects.  Adding watermarks to photographs may be more suitable. The watermark is a patina that is applied to the.  Whole image and which makes. Any illicit activity almost impossible. Watermarking is ideal for images, documents. And illustrations.  Since this is a method of protecting photographs. That is very invasive for the viewer, it is a solution to be chosen with great awareness.

It is particularly suitable for image sales services.

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 Resize images with low quality From our point of view it is the least USA B2B List  recommended option , but it is useful to mention it because many still use it. There are those who decide to upload the photographs and through the use of plugins, scale them to a very low quality. This way, if the image were to be downloaded, . An ok solution, but one wonders if the reader who comes to our blog and sees such shoddy images isn’t left unimpressed. 

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