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Fe and Watch If you re not familiar with Reels at all, you can read our beginners guide to Instagram Reels and that will give you a better start to understanding Reels as well. But assuming that you’re already pretty familiar with Instagram Reels, let’s talk about this next. Difference Between IG Reels and Reels How They Work Together a. You can share Reels from Instagram to Facebook. So if you see a Reel on that was originally creat on Instagram, the Reel will have the creator’s Instagram username instead of their FB name. That is if they have a account.

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Let Us Grow Your Revenue Increase revenue with done for you marketing Custom marketing strategy back by data and results Affordable marketing services with no long term contract GET A CUSTOM PROPOSAL b. You’ll see the Instagram symbol under their username. When you’re watching a Reel that was creat on Facebook, you can Estonia Mobile Number List leave a comment. If you’re watching a Reel creat on Instagram, you can only comment on it using the Instagram app, or on Instagram using your Instagram account. c. You can see how many people have lik a Reel.

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You can also see who on has lik a Reel, but if it s a Reel creat on Instagram, you can’t see who on Instagram lik it. You can only see who lik the Reel on Instagram in the Instagram app or on Instagram. To see a list of who on lik the video, in the bottom right corner, tap the number under the thumbs up button. d. If you’re watching a Reel creat on Instagram, you can see the number of plays the Reel has. A play is a video session with millisecond or USA B2B List more of playback and excludes replays. Plays are count from both and Instagram. If you as a viewer watch.