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Text to speech helps you add narration. Without using your own voice, get creative, and add fun and humor to your Reels. Instagram updates Here you can see what the text to speech tool looks like. instagram updates Voice effect is “a tool that allows you to modify the audio and or voiceover in your Reel. instagram updates And here you can see what those audio controls look like. instagram updates Both of these tools just give you as a small business owner a little more creative freom to make trendy, attention grabbing Reels. Summary Text to.

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They say, “by enabling badges, you can get paid for the. Live content you’re creating. Your viewers can purchase badges in increments of and. And as supporters, they receive a unique thank you message and extra visibility in your Live. Instagram updates Now, this feature will only be available to U.S. creators, ages and up with at least , followers. They also must have a creator or business account. And lastly, they ne to meet Instagram’s partner monetization El Salvador Mobile Number List policies, and remain compliant with community guidelines. You can check to see if you’re eligible from your Professional dashboard. And if you’re not, you can apply for monetization from that page. instagram updates This feature.

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Now before we get into our and final Instagram updates , we just want to say that our new social mia ads training course is out now. Check it out if you want to take your social advertising skills up a notch. So moving on to what we think is going to be the biggest update we’ve seen from Instagram in a while. Summary By enabling badges, you can get paid for the Live content you’re creating. Update The return of chronological order in the algorithm. If you’re a day USA B2B List Instagrammer, you probably remember when the posts you saw on your fe were strictly bas on the order in which they were post.

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