Automation On Instagram

January 11, 2024 By luedh

What is automation

Then the manager gives an assessment using the same criteria. At the Automation On Instagram meeting. we discuss all these points personally. Paying special attention to those parameters where the assessment of the manager and the employee does not agree. Ways to optimize an advertising campaign.

Connecting automation to Instagram

We went bowling. playe professional mafia. playe laser tag and Special Data quiz. rente a loft for the New Year. and had a cottage one weekend. Such meetings are very important – they motivate us to work at Completo. get closer and do a common cause. Plus it helps to see each other more often and spend leisure time. IP control and certification Mini-performance-review – this is what we call summing up.

Setting up automatic replies on Instagram

The meeting takes place online and is divide into two parts Performance evaluation criteria The managerĀ  Special Data prescribes the criteria for evaluating the work of this employee. The employee himself evaluates how well. in his opinion. He cope with his duties in the first months. On October 1 the offline conference Globalize was held in St. PetersburgĀ  in international marketing where they discusse the topic of choosing conversions for proper optimization of advertising campaigns. Speakers include teams from Google OWOX AppsFlyer Aitarget TikTok HTTPOOL SportQuake Throughout the day they share their knowlege in the field of traffic and analytics.