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Its we make within it without affecting the original image which is outside and in the layer below the color change group. Step Also, be sure that your reference image is above and outside of your group. You can also set your reference layer back to visible on the canvas. Now to go back to selecting the cropp. image layer, on your keyboard, hold down the command or CTRL on a PC and click on this black area. You’ll notice that this has a little white area in it where the object’s figure is match. and you should have your main object once again select.

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Step Now we can go ahead and create our adjustment layer starting with a solid color. For this sample, let’s say we want to change it into LYFE’s blue. We’re going to ey.rop our reference image’s blue and press enter on our keyboard or click OK on the screen. how to change the color of an object in photoshop Step Now we’re going to color blend mode Canada Mobile Number List and select hue. As you can see the shirt is still too bright and doesn’t match our reference so we’re going to create a brightness adjustment layer. For every adjustment layer you create, make sure you have your object select.

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So once again, we’re going to hold down the command key on our keyboard and click on the black area. Once our objects’ figure is select. click on the create a new adjustment layer button and select Brightness. Contrast. You should see a window with controls of both brightness and contrast that you can then adjust to get the right brightness to match the color you ne. your object to be. And done We now have a color match of our reference color and our shirt here. Step Now we thought we’d mention that although Photoshop’s selection tool is impressive USA B2B List and will work most of the time you will have instances of images like this that simply can’t be seamlessly select.