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If you happen to be doing this on an existing Photoshop file and you import. your image after you set up your canvas your image will not be lock. by default and you can skip this step. Let Us Grow Your Revenue. Increase revenue with done-for-you marketing Custom marketing strategy back. by data and results Affordable marketing services with no long-term contract GET A CUSTOM PROPOSAL Step So to change colors, we ne. to create adjustment layers. These layers will let you control what shade, how vibrant, or how saturat. you want it to be.

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As well as what color hue it should lean into depending on the adjustment layer you create. There are many adjustment layers you can experiment with to get the right color you’re aiming for and all of them are important to use for different types of images and colors. For this image, let’s say we want to change it to a shade of purple, so let’s set up adjustment layers for that. At the top left options on your Photoshop window, click on “Layer Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List and new adjustment layer” or click on the shortcut icon for that which is at the bottom in our layers window and select solid color, then select the color you want. Click ok and now we’ve creat.

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A color adjustment layer over our image. Step It’s currently a flat solid color layer and we can’t see anything under it. So now we want to set our color to blend over the image below it. Let’s click on the button that says Normal and select the color to blend mode hue. And now it’s blend. our solid color to the layer below it. Side note, we encourage you to play around with the different blend modes here so you can see which blend mode works best for your image and the color you want to achieve. For example, if we select color, we’ll then get USA B2B List this blend mode that’ll keep everything in the image in a shade of purple as oppos. to a hue that’ll let us keep our greys and blacks.