Before You Go to a Podcast or Webinar

April 16, 2023 By luedh

Know Who Your Audience Is Knowing Who Your Audience Is Image Sources Before you can create your first viral content, you need to know who your target audience is or what type of people you’re marketing to. Find out who your audience is, what they like and their age. Next, find out what types of content they like to share and engage with most, and what’s trending in their space. Every social media platform has a unique target audience from different generations. Some platforms also aim to target specific audiences. Using the information you gather you can evaluate and decide which social media platforms are best for your target audience. For example it is great for users up to 10 years old and is the platform of choice if you are targeting gamers or specific interest groups.

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As the saying goes, knowing is half the battle. It’s also important to understand what your competitors are doing and analyze what content is going whatsapp mobile number list viral for them. From there you can take it to the next level and create something more engaging, effective and relevant. Ideas for Giving Ideas for Giving Image Sources One of the things all viral content has in common is ideas for giving. Whether it’s entertaining, inspiring or impressing your audience with something new, you always want your content to add value and reward your audience with something during their time.

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This allows your business to build more trust and connection with your audience. Start by figuring out how to present and market your product or USA B2B List service naturally to evoke an emotion that engages your audience and encourages them to share. Let’s take the example of a company that sells basketballs. Instead of the typical basketball-focused promotional video, the company could invite passers-by to take part in a basketball challenge to film and create a video about the experience. The rules of this challenge are simple and whoever scores a goal with a basketball wins a dollar prize. But the problem is that this is a very difficult goal to score.