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There is no point in optimizing a website. For bing if we are looking for customers on the Polish market where most of the traffic is collect by googlepl. Also keep in mind that other search engines are heavily inspir by Google so some optimization solutions will work for all search engines. Social mia is becoming more and more popular and there is no sign of it changing. Less and less interest in obtaining information from television radio or traditional. Work translates into an increasing interest in learning from the Internet. And so according to research available on the DataReportal website in as many as.

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Million Poles us the Internet in as many as. Million Poles were social mia users. It is expect that these numbers will increase even further in. The most popular social mia in among Poles In according to the data available on the DataReportal website mention above the most popular social mia among Poles were YouTube. That many Poles us YouTube at least once a month Facebook. That many Poles us Facebook at least once a month Luxembourg Mobile Number List Instagram. As many Poles us Instagram at least once a month. It is also worth mentioning websites such as. Twitter LinkIn WhatsApp TikTok or Pinterest whose popularity is not dying out but still growing. What s new in in social mia.

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Given the popularity of the above mention. Social mia it can be assum that they will continue to outdo each other in new ideas in creating innovative. Tools and solutions and in improving those that already exist. So what will be the social mia trends in. We try to answer this question below. In the article we try to prict trends in social mia that will be visible in the current year. See article The most popular social mia in Influencer marketing on a large scale ie. Cooperation with macro influencers The first trend in social mia in may be large scale USA B2B List influencer marketing ie. Advertising products or services in cooperation with macro influencers.