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At that time Coles promot itself as a socially. Responsible brand caring for the natural environment explaining the introduc change. By encouraging customers to use the bag many times. However it turn out that firstly much more crude oil was ne for. The production of eko advertisements than for the production of plastic bags secondly. Eco advertising bags” will decompose much longer than plastic bags previously offer to customers. Greenwashing how to effectively discourage the customer from the brand While there is of course nothing wrong with green. Marketing it is obvious meeting the expectations of consumers green eyewash is a good way to. Effectively discourage the customer from the brand.

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Unfortunately many companies still allow. Such treatments greenwashing in Poland is also a popular phenomenon and the fight against them will probably last for several years. In order to avoid accusations of greenwashing one elementary rule must. Be follow each content communicat to customers must be support by some evidence. If the products Lithuania Mobile Number List of our brand are not ecological we simply do not mention this issue when we describe products or create advertisements. Let s focus on those product features that are positive distinguish them from the. Competition s offer and above all do not contain lies.

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Another interesting marketing phenomenon is leanwashing ie. Misleading customers lying to them that they are dealing with a healthy product. For our part we strongly advise against both greenwashing and leanwashing. We would like to remind you that providing customers with only true information and reliably informing them about the features of products is the basis for gaining what is most valuable i.e. customer trust. It is thanks to it that brands gain loyal customers and achieve sales success. Therefore we encourage transparency which is nothing else than being fair to the consumer. Invariably for many years the Google search engine has been in the USA B2B List lead when it comes to the number of. Polish Internet users using it.