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How helps greenpeace Source https instagram. BwWqGHHlUE sins of greenwashing Fortunately the sins of greenwashing are currently very loud. Marketing procures us in advertising ecos were describ for example by such agencies as. TerraChoice or Futtera Sustainability Communication. The first mention agency distinguishes and the second such sins. We decid to present the basic most common tricks of companies that manipulate and distort using green PR. They are describ below. greenwashing sins Sin Hidden Actions The first sin of greenwashing is hidden actions.

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According to TerraChoice research of brands allow it. It consists in marking the product as such which was creat in accordance with the eco principles while in fact. For example only one stage of production took place in accordance with the aforemention. Principles of sustainable development. So it is a manipulation consisting in presenting the so call half truths. Sin no evidence The second sin of greenwashing is the lack of evidence. According Lebanon Mobile Number List to TerraChoice research of brands allow it. This happens when the product s packaging or its advertisement. Contains information about environmental friendliness and they have not. Been confirm by any authoriz certification body.

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So it is not uncommon for the packaging of cosmetics. To say product not test on animals but the customer has no way to verify this information. Sin lack of precision The third sin of greenwashing is lack of precision. According to TerraChoice research of brands allow it. We deal with this for example when in the description there are. Information such as natural natural or chemicalfree free from chemicals which in the case of a huge number of products is simply impossible. It is also worth pointing out a practice that in no case breaks the law USA B2B List but. Misleads customers it is about influencing consumer awareness. Foundation in almost of Poles.