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March 6, 2023 By luedh

It is safe to say that without a mobile friendly. Version of the website no website will achieve satisfactory organic results. Especially since the percentage of people looking for information using smartphones is increasing year by year. In Google assur that March is the final date for implementing the algorithm and from that date we will switch to this way of indexing. As usual something unexpect may appear in such plans and to quote the Google blog. Meanwhile after analyzing sites that are not yet index in the new way we have come to the conclusion that some of them are. Not yet ready to move due to various unexpect challenges.

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As a result we have decid to put the final phase. Of the transition to mobile optimiz indexing on hold for the time being.” Source Therefore another year of mobile awaits us. The extension of the deadline is a great opportunity for some companies to Nepal Mobile Number List prepare for the moment when the first point of. Google s assessment of websites will be the mobile version. Not considering the mobile version is and will be an unforgivable mistake because we have been observing an increase in the importance and share of searches on phones and tablets for a long time.

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Nothing suggests that anything is about to change. On the contrary not only is the percentage of people using mobile devices when looking for information. Increasing the latest research shows that we are increasingly making transactions using them. In the same blog post Google adds “Previously we thought we would be moving to mobile optimiz indexing by March. However we found that some sites had unexpect challenges so we want to adapt the USA B2B List timing to their nes. We don t have an end date for moving to mobile optimiz indexing at this time and we want to rethink the other important steps.