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March 6, 2023 By luedh

SEO trends for what will happen in positioning. As you can see was not boring at all. Behind us is a year full of challenges and fluctuating positions. Let s think about what awaits us in and what is worth focusing on to achieve high positions in organic results. IndexNow on Google In Bing one of the most popular search engines in the world introduc the. IndexNow feature to its search algorithm which changes the way robots find new content. This approach changes the importance of links in the indexation of new content.

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Google in its podcast Search off the. Record referr to this change saying that on their scale it is very difficult to implement and would require some kind of queuing system. Why am I mentioning him The very fact that. Google is considering the challenges and problems associat with implementing such a mechanism may indicate that in the future Namibia Mobile Number List perhaps not yet in such an opportunity will arise. Why should we care If you have notic problems. With the appearance of new pages products or categories in the search results or you see many pages found but not yet index in. Google Search Console google search console google search console then.

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IndexNow may be the answer to such problems. Let s keep our fingers cross for better indexing and implementation of this function because in the fourth quarter of we see a big problem with indexing new pages in the Google search engine. Page Experience for the desktop version Page Experience already appear in the summary of but it concern mobile results. At the end in that direction. Source Google does not provide a final deadline but it is worth USA B2B List knowing what devices influenc the decision to extend the optimization work. I m looking at you Samsung Galaxy Fold.