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Okay  now that they have complet YZ or taken. This action, it makes sense for me to ask them for the sale In our other marketing funnel post we mention. We compare the funnel to a relationship, in the sense that you wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on your first date But then after dating for a while, getting to know each other really well, and falling in love, then you move on to marriage The middle of the funnel is the dating portion It’s the connecting bridge between addressing a stranger, and building so much brand trust that they now wouldn’t be afraid to buy.

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From you And that brings us to the bottom of the. Funnel Step Bottom of the funnel The people in this part of the funnel are a hot audience because. Like we just talk about, they’ve already taken a high intent action with your brand So this is where you start closing them with your ads In most cases, we use the conversion campaign for this But, you Oman Mobile Number List could also use catalog sales or store visits depending on what makes the most sense for your business ad funnel Overall, you just want to be able to track how many people saw your ads, click to your site or came to your store.

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and convert aka complet a purchase. Now you may be wondering, how are you going to find those people again on if they didn’t complete your lead form. Every action your audience has taken up to this point can be retarget This includes your page likes, video views, post engagement, website traffic, and leads All of it can be creat in a custom audience inside of Ads Manager to be retarget If some of them already convert a little earlier in your ad funnel and are USA B2B List currently a client with your company then you can create an audience of those e isting clients or recent.