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View it as oppos to just clicking the ad and then getting impatient and moving on So again, you’re sending people to something like a blog, and you can have a pop up or sidebar widget promoting a lead magnet on the page That is in e change for their contact info just in case they’re confident about you and ready to take the ne t step But that shouldn’t be the focus of the page This isn’t a squeeze page The point at this stage is solely to provide value to them And in return, it will hopefully give them higher brand recall and build a little foundation of trust in your.

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Brand Another option is if you have a great video that provides a lot of value, you can then run a video views campaign ad funnel If you have a YouTube channel full of valuable videos for your audience, like we do you can repurpose those videos into a video campaign to get more views, engagement, and brand awareness Just be sure to actually upload Nepal Mobile Number List the video directly into your Ads Manager as a video campaign Don’t just to your YouTube channel That’s because wants to keep users on its platform and will favor the native video ads better than ads that.

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Elsewhere to a video A third campaign you can run to help generate some awareness is an Engagement campaign ad funnel which can break down either into Page Likes or Post Engagement Page Likes ads prompt people within your select target audience to like your page which does a couple of things Gaining more likes can have a snowball effect on making your brand look more crible to others thus making it easier and easier for people to like USA B2B List your page It allows you to put some content in front of them organically moving forward Post.