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Once you’ve got a working calendar of topics you want to post about and when, let’s move on to the next step. Step Determine the content type you want to use. This will determine how steps and go with copy and creative creation. Do you have a lot of frequently ask questions you want to answer and put out there as a resource for your audience If so, an Instagram Live that you save as an IGTV would be a great way to do that. Maybe you want to share a how to of something, but it’s easier to show your audience than to explain it A second Reel would be the perfect way to share that.

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Or maybe a good ole fe post is all that’s ne Either way, go ahead and determine which content type you want to use, and jot that down in your calendar for each day. Step Create the copy for your posts. Everything you’ve done so far has set you up so that you know what you want to post about on which days. Now you just ne to create the posts, so the easiest way in our opinion is to start with the captions. Depending on the content types you’re using, the way you write your copies will vary a little from day to day. For instance, Reels usually don’t ne Iran Mobile Number List extensive copies because the majority of people are just watching the video and not even reading the caption.

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Stories don’t have a separate space for captions, but you can write text on the image or video. Depending on your industry, fe posts actually can see greater engagement with longer more in depth captions. So the format of your copies will vary, but what should stay the same throughout is that they remain audience orient. Remember what we said at the beginning your Instagram posts should be about and for your target market, not you. Step Make your creatives. It is where a lot of business owners get stump Whether you’re just using a single, static USA B2B List image, or you’re about to embark on making your first reel or IGTV or you’re nervous about launching your first Live.

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