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Most importantly these are not forc opinions. But most often natural and spontaneous, resulting from the pure desire to appreciate the company. Recommendation marketing was common many years ago, and its origins are seen in giving products for free , asking others to recommend them if they work. The if is key here. Recommendation marketing is bas only on reliable opinions issu by real users. The veracity of recommendations is of great importance in any business. A bad idea although unfortunately still common is to buy positive opinions issu by people who have no contact with a given product or service.

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Customers can sense when a review is untrue. What s more, almost half are aware of the existence of such a phenomenon among companies, and are categorically against adding fake reviews. Referral and word of mouth marketing the main differences Referral marketing is often confus with word of mouth, and while both rely on peer review and feback, there are some differences between the two. Word of mouth marketing is design to stimulate China Mobile Number List discussions about a brand product service. Of course, you can do it skillfully, in an ethical way, but many companies take shortcuts and hire people who give positive opinions to brands, invite to talk about products or openly say what company.

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Is better than Y, actually having no idea about any of them. The wave of information is usually initiat by a paid employee of a given agency, brand representative or fictitious users. Contrary to word of mouth marketing, turn on by employees of a given company, recommendation marketing is a completely natural move and as research shows much more effective. It applies to real opinions, not those generat or paid for. What are natural and USA B2B List sourc recommendations Anyone who runs their own business knows that obtaining valuable recommendations is not easy.