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Rating The fifth stage of the sales funnel is evaluation. If all the stages describ above are carri out correctly, the product arrives. On time and most importantly meets the customer s expectations first of all, it will be consistent with the description and photos , the goods will be positively evaluat. In this case, there is a high probability that it will reach stage. Sales funnel an example of operation at stage The customer watches the product. Live and evaluates it, successively uses it and constantly evaluates it during this use. Stage. Loyalty The sixth and final stage of the shopping funnel is loyalty.

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A customer who positively evaluates a product. Will probably not only use the offer of a given store again, but will also recommend it to friends. Having a large network of loyal customers is one of the most important factors affecting sales success. To do this, it is worth entering into relations with customers after they have made their purchases, by Canada Mobile Number List sending free products, sending requests for an opinion on the goods, responding to ratings, comments, etc. Sales funnel example of operation at stage A customer who has already rat the product positively returns to your online store and makes a purchase again. Recipients at different stages of the sales funnel.

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An important element in the sales funnel. Method is the ability to properly characterize the recipients and their value for the business. There are two classifications. The first lists the following types of users suspects those who may or may not be interest in the. Offer stage prospects those who may be interest in the offer stage leads those who are definitely interest in the offer stage customers those who make a purchase stage. The second classification divides users into. ToFu Top of the Funnel users who interact with the content publish by the company. Read a post on the website s blog MoFu Middle of the. Funnel users who notic the value of the content USA B2B List during the. First visit and visit the website again, regularly read the website s blog posts.