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Click Publish to publish your Automat App ads. Again, if you want to see the full video tutorial for these steps, watch the video at the top of this post. Use The App Ads Helper Before you can run ads you ne to make sure that your app has been properly register on. To do this, you’ll ne to visit the App Ads Helper You’ll be able to check the status of your ads, check app events to ensure they’re functioning, and see if you have any app installs. You can also verify that your app is register with If the. App Ads Helper shows that your app is register and available for use, you’re ready to.

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Start running app ads How To Optimize Your. App Install Campaigns On Instagram You’ll want to use. Event optimization to set up your ads and find the ideal audience for your goal You’ll get more downloads this way and find people more likely to take whatever action you most desire App Events According to app install campaigns on Henan Mobile Phone Number List instagram. App events are the actions people take while using your app and they can be us for ad targeting, optimization, and measurement solutions ” In order to use. App Event Optimization, make sure you’ve install the.

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App events on your app also recommends you set up. App Events so you can understand who is engaging with your app and run app ads to the right audience. The standard app events you have available to you are Optimizing for installs Link click optimization. App Event optimization You can also use the API to set up an event of your choosing. You’ll want to choose the objective that most closely matches your business goals Use app events for. AEO to USA B2B List increase installs and in app actions in one campaign shar this e ample and we thought it was great so.