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Above all always apply the principle of limit trust. What does it mean First, don’t open messages from people you don’t know or numbers you don’t know. If you have already open the message, try to read it carefully and do not click on any links that may rirect you to the main page for example, your bank and download your data at the same time. If the message is not directly address to you, do yourself a favor and toss it in spam. However, if the message concerns something relat to your online activity, it is worth calling the hotline or going to. The nearest branch at this time to make sure that the message is true.

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Remember An equally important factor in. Defending against a phisher attack is installing anti virus software on your computer or smartphone. It will move suspicious messages immiately to the appropriate tab. What else can protect you from an attack Additional authentication when logging in to important accounts and passwords that will. Not be directly relat to us, our date of birth or pet’s name. What to do when an attack occurs. What Colombia Mobile Number List is worth doing to avoid unpleasant consequences if, despite the efforts and many security measures, we have fallen victim to a phisher. First, don’t get carri away by your emotions, keep a cool head, and create an action.

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Plan that will help you determine how the attack happen. What personal information was leak, and what the phisher has already done with it. A very important factor that will give you more information about the attack itself is, of course, reporting the case to the. Police, and then securing the data, as a result of which your payment card or ID card will be block. Another important factor is the preparation of an information campaign that can protect the data of many other people from another attack. This applies to both private. Individuals who have USA B2B List fallen victim to the attack, as well as institutions handling the data of many of their clients.

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