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Can be assum that in the near future the importance of. SXO will increase even more. A comprehensive approach to the broadly understood positioning and user. Interface will be all the more important the more people use mobile devices so far there is nothing. To suggest that the popularity of smartphones will decrease. Anyone who takes care of search experience optimization now will be ahead of the competition, which will certainly. Appreciate its importance, but only after some time. The basic goal of every company, including an online store, is sales. The challenge for every company is therefore to finalize as many orders as possible each month.

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In order for the sales process to run. Smoothly, you should reach the largest group of recipients with the advertisement gain audience interest. Make recipients want to buy a given product or service enable customers to easily and quickly purchase. A product or service ensure high quality of products and services take care of other issues that will cause customers to want to take advantage of the offer again. All of the above elements are part of the Ghana Mobile Number List mechanism of the sales funnel, which we describe in detail below. Sales funnel what is it The sales funnel , also call the shopping funnel , the marketing funnel and the conversion funnel , is a process that leads to a thorough understanding of the purchasing process on the Internet.

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It is a visualization of the customer s journey. From the moment of seeing the advertisement of a product or service, to the moment of making a purchase. And returning to the store in the future. The marketing funnel shows that although the ad reaches i.e. Is seen a large group of recipients, the purchase is made by a narrow group hence the name funnel. The sales funnel method fits the concept of modern, unobtrusive marketing, where the focus. Is on building a long term relationship with the customer, and not on attacking him with not necessarily well thought USA B2B List out and ineffective advertising. Stages of the sales funnel. The sales funnel consists of a minimum of four and a maximum of six stages.

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