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Once a traffic bot is identifi, remove it. From your reports and block it as describ below. spam traffic in google analytics How to prevent spam in. Google Analytics To eliminate the problem of spam, first of all, it is worth installing the latest, th version, Google Analytics. If you haven t us it yet, you can find information on how to set it up on our blog. See Google Analytics what will the analytics of the future look like Everything indicates that the most up to date version of. GA has sufficiently effective protection, and traffic generat by robots is automatically exclud. How to remove SPAM traffic from GA statistics In older versions of.

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Google Analytics, it is primarily worth using. Two solutions custom segment to remove already existing data from Google. Analytics statistics, custom filters to block traffic generat by bots in the future. You can also find other tips on the internet for removing spam using e. g. exclusion list,. htaccess or WordPress plugins. However, these are Singapore Mobile Number List not recommend actions. custom segment To remove spam traffic from all reports including historical reports , use a custom segment. How to create a custom segment in GA Open the Reports view , then click Add Segment. Then click New Segment. Select the Advanc tab Conditions on the left. In the open window, first enter the name of the segment.

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All users traffic bot. The name can be anything, but it is worth highlighting the function of the segment to make it easier to decipher in the future. In the next step, follow the graphics and the diagram below Sessions Exclude Browser size contains filter pattern eg. Bot traffic OR Sessions Exclude Browser size contains filter pattern eg. Bottraffic etc. After saving all filter patterns, save the segment. You can find the new segment list in the Custom group and also share it with other users of the same Google Analytics view. How to add custom segment in ga custom filter. A custom filter is a solution to prevent spam traffic from being includ in future reports. Adding USA B2B List a new custom filter filters traffic before it hits the Google Analytics view.