More technology fragmented audiences and new consumer habits

What will be the trends that will mark the media landscape in 2023 ? How will consumer habits change? Will brands struggle to adapt to the cookieless era? In essence, the Media and Entertainment industry will be marked by the development of new viewing behaviors. The fragmentation of audiences, inflation or the advances of new technologies such as the metaverse. This is stated in the Media Trends and Predictions 2023 report. Prepared by Kantar. Marketing data and analytics company. These predictions have been revealed after observing a 2022 marked by the diversification of business models. In which platforms such as Netflix. Disney+. Have announced the plans they have for their subscription models with ads. In this sense. 2023 will be the year that will be used to evaluate the reception of these strategies among the public and advertisers.

Industry challenges for 2023

It involves broadcasting ads to many viewers who have become accustomed to ad-free environments. Especially young people. Nor should category email list we forget the importance of changes in platform policies to put an end to shared accounts and using users and passwords as they wish. This is essential in advertising terms because platforms need. When starting out in advertising, to know who is really behind the screen and who is watching those four or five minutes of ads for each hour of viewing and shown at the beginning and during the playback of the content. Additionally, new channels for advertising such as gaming are coming . With almost 3.2 billion people playing video games and 32% of gamers worldwide willing to pay more for additional content.

New formats and technologies offer new opportunities

A common link to viewing content on the platforms is SmartTV, whose presence in Spanish homes has tripled, going from 2 in 10 in 2017 to USA B2B List almost two thirds today, and being preferred by consumers. Spaniards to watch streaming content (59%). Without a doubt, it is (and will be) a trend that has a long way to go in 2023 and beyond. Therefore, despite the proliferation of multiple screens (mobile phones, tablets or computers), TV continues to be the epicenter of home entertainment. SmartTVs are set to evolve the capabilities of addressable advertising and expand its reach, according to Kantar’s report on trends for 2023. Product placement , for example, has become the preferred emerging format to reach those hard-to-reach viewers through conventional forms of advertising.

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