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February 27, 2023 By luedh

Is teaching you something that can help you improve your next ads. Generally, this is a good starting ad sequence for a small business This can and will vary depending on your industry, product, and goal But, generalities are what we’ll stick with A marketing funnel on. looks something like this Brand Awareness use targeting, interests, Lookalike audiences, locations Target low-value actions that show interest like a page view, video view, account engagement Target mid-range actions that show interest and intent like product view, and Lookalikes from low-value actions.

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Retargeting to recover abandon. Carts Upselling and cross-selling customers who made a purchase So what would this look like with a client Let us walk you through it Our Process In Creating. Marketing Strategy For Brand New Clients Determine their first goal Usually, that is to establish a steady stream of traffic to the website, landing page, app, etc When we have , clicks through our traffic campaign, we like to create a retargeting campaign This can Belgium Mobile Number List be dynamic to showcase the products the user was viewing or static, which means it’s the same ad for everyone . ad campaign We’ll also start building custom audiences bas. on actions taken on-site.

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So we can use these as sources for our Lookalike audiences. A word of caution on Lookalike audiences in the days of iOS , they may not be as effective as they have in the past because of tracking We’d remend an A/B test here, using audiences as your variable, and see if Lookalike audiences will work for you Check out this post next to learn more about. ad testing Once we find a traffic campaign and a retargeting campaign that are generating the results we want we build Lookalike audiences, and then start running brand awareness and USA B2B List conversion campaigns to that group Other Things You Should Do For Your.