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He was born in a city call Stagira, in Maconia, north of mainland Greece, in the 4th century BC. C., and at a very young age he would begin to cultivate with tenacity and brilliance that task to which the Hellenes gave life two thousand six hundr years ago and which they call philosophy. His inquisitive zeal cover a very wide spectrum of topics that would later become areas of human knowlge. Biology, psychology, astronomy, politics, ethics and physics, in one way or another and to some extent or another, start from the research that he launch .

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 It was he who systematiz the knowlge about logic that had been produc before, while at the same time he made very important contributions to this branch of knowlge, all of which are present in the Organon, a joint example b2b leads of his writings on this topic. Among his works, in addition, are those that are consider unavoidable references in the history of philosophy: Metaphysics , Nicomachean Ethics , Politics , De ánima , among other works. His name was Aristotle, he was a genius and for better or worse the trail of his thought still cuts through the skies of our culture .

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 His father, nam Nicomachus, was a renown doctor of the Maconian court and a member of the noble clan of the Asclepiades, relat, according to legend, to the lineage of the founding god of micine, the mythical Asclepius, who would have receiv the art of cure of the centaur Chiron. Her mother was call Phaestis, and little is known about her, except that she also came from this clan. A belov disciple USA B2B List of the great Plato (who, in turn, had been a disciple of Socrates, the gadfly of Athens), Aristotle remain in the Platonic Academy until the death of the teacher, and perhaps spiteful – when Speusippus was nam his successor, thus seeing the possibility of taking the place of his mentor – he left that philosophical teaching center and found the Lyceum, where he would impart his knowlge.

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