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 It is said that, due to a stomach ailment, the Stagyrite – as he was usually call because of his origin – us to talk with his disciples about the matters they were discussing, taking long walks under a tree-cover promenade: hence the He knew those attending the Lyceum as peripatetics (from the Greek verb peripatein , to walk). In the 1st century BC. C, Andronicus of Rhodes order his works from him. He plac in first place those writings that dealt with bodies subject to the coming and going of movement and earthly degradation, which came to be call “Physics.

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Beyond these, he plac the texts that Aristotle had design around intelligible entities, and where he carri out research aim at determining what existence consist of business email list as such until he develop disquisitions around what he call the unmov mover, the supreme substance, that is, God. Plac as they were after the texts on physics, Andronicus referr to them as “those who are beyond the physicists” ( ta meta ta phisyca ). This expression, over time, was contract, and, from then on, those texts were simply call metaphysics.

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 And so, this word went down in history designating an alleg philosophical knowlge about being, about the existence of things, about the various ways in which reality manifests itself. Convinc that the earth was the center of the universe (faithful to a naive empiricism, but consistent with what was observ, which only USA B2B List centuries later would be question), Aristotle conjectur that only this matter that we walk on was perishable, since, as he believ, the substance that inhabits the space above our heads was eternal, something that was guarante by the circular movement – ​​the only perfect movement for Aristotle – that the celestial bodies perpetually exhibit and by the ether of which they were made up.

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