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October 11, 2023 By luedh

Looking at the average miv® per single placement. The results become similar for both brands – $7.06k and $7.25k respectively. If radken had creat the same number of posts as kérastase in the same period. The miv® of the two brands would have been approximately similar. The main objective of all marketing activities. In fact. Is to obtain the potentially highest roi. Through the optimal use of the department’s budget. Being guid by data and allowing teams to save time . Consider the channel mix in recent years we have seen youtube become the beauty sector’s preferr channel but.

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With the rise of new social platforms. Such as tiktok. It is becoming increasingly important for brands to remember all the channels. Even those that seem to be less popular – such as facebook . In fact. The latter is particularly important for a brand like kérastase which has a history of more than 100 years and an equally large customer base . Kérastase has understood the importance and value that the platform can guarantee to the brand and this is why almost 50% of the contents creat in the first two months of the year Business database  were destin for facebook. Obtaining a return in terms of miv® equal to at $938k total – 71% of its total share of value.

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On the other hand. Radken has focus attention on content intend for instagram: 95% of its share of value comes solely from this channel.The brand’s strategy on instagram is aim at ucating consumers with the key objective of ensuring the production of realistic content through  USA B2B List the tutorial format. The brand shows the effects and results of the products and shares various suggestions. Tips and inspirations from industry professionals and influencers who use radken products. The best post publish by the brand was part of the ‘techniquetuesday’ campaign.