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The continuous growth of “Instagrammable” brands makes it increasingly complex competition for historic brands on the market. Own mia is. Now more than ever. Crucial to the success of brands in establishing a direct-to-consumer business model and maintaining customer trust and loyalty. Brand efficiency focuses on quality before quantity when it comes to own mia the quantity factor is strategic but quality is the fundamental element. For example. In january and february. Rken generat a total of $762k in mia impact value™ across 108 placements. Although kérastase has literally doubl this value. With a total miv® of $1.32m in miv® and 182 placements.

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One of the most important factors to consider when planning an own mia strategy is brand effectiveness. Brand efficiency represents the average mia impact value™ that the brand earns per single post or placement. Indicating how efficient a specific marketing tactic is. If a brand achiev a mia impact value™ of $10m across 10 placements in january. Its average miv® per placement is $100k – this value represents brand effectiveness. Brand efficiency is a relevant factor. Regardless of the reference sector. The hair beauty industry. For example. Is part of the business lead  beauty sector for which. According to statista . Growth is estimat to be worth $105 billion by 2025.

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Beauty marketing tips: how to manage youtube tutorials with influencers #tipsforyoutubetutorial #beauty youtube + influencer = the perfect sum for success. Especially with the younger generations. Impossible for beauty brands to do without it. Some marketing tips for managing tutorials.In our new five-part blog series. We focus on the different voices that influence the customer journey.  USA B2B List This first content is dicat to the value that a strategy bas on own mia can offer brands. Through the example of the haircare industry and. In particular. Thanks to a comparative study between two large brands in the sector. Kérastase and rken – both part of the l’oreal group.

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