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There are a variety of different ways to advertise your business and these do not necessarily. Involve high expenses for your business. With so many options, you can quickly lose track of things. To prevent this, it is advisable to present all marketing measures using the peso model . Find out what the peso model is and how it can help you categorize your marketing plans in the blog post below. Our team has written an e-book on the content audit including a content audit template. Here’s how to get the most out of your existing content – click here and download! Table of contents what is the peso model? The peso model is an extension of the peo model, which was developed by the british daniel. Goodall as part of nokia media planning in 2008.

Measures can be clearly presented

Peso stands for paid, earned , shared and owned media , with the “shared” aspect going hand in hand with the increasing Brazil Phone Number Data relevance of social media. With the help of the peso model, all of a company’s digital communication. . Content promotion paid media paid media includes. Advertising options that you can purchase from service providers . These include, for example, online banners, google ads campaigns or sponsored social media posts. The online advertising spaces can be purchased and then designed according to your ideas. Paid media offers the following advantages : no waiting times : after a campaign has been approved, it can be published immediately and reach potential customers immediately. Reliability : you pay for a fixed service and can subsequently analyze the effect achieved.

A purchase recommendation from you as a provider

The success of a measure is influenced by the size of the advertising budget. However, there are some disadvantages : lack of trust potential USA B2B List customers often categorically reject paid advertising. Ephemerality : paid ads are online as long as you pay the service providers. Once a measure has expired, you can no longer reach potential customers. Earned media earned media is content that is characterized by a high trust factor . This results in the following advantage : high credibility : since earned media is not paid advertising, the viewer considers it to be significantly more credible.  is nothing special, but hundreds of positive reviews from users of your products are.

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