Scoring model

The scoring model is one of the cool

Speakers include teams from Google OWOX AppsFlyer Aitarget TikTok HTTPOOL SportQuake Throughout the day they share their knowlege in the field of traffic and analytics. Scoring model: how to increase conversions by 1.6 times in 4 weeks The organizer of the conference Globalize! became FB.

Product campaign data analyst

Alexander Kuznetsov spoke in detail about Special Data the scoring model. Together with the team they teste the scoring model for four weeks: the quality of users during registration increase by 2 times  where the purchase conversion increase by 1.6 times How to achieve such a result? — We told in this article for Completo. More interesting insights from the conference: https :// clck . ru / YEWvQ Results of the conference: https :// clck . ru / YRypW Path of resistance: how to choose the right conversions? View The cost of a click and traffic movement directly depends on the optimization of the advertising campaign. The first thing you nee to pay attention to is whether I’m taking the right conversion .

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Special Data

Way out Synthetic conversion is the key to all problems. It includes USA B2B List the synthesis of several systems: installations + purchases on the site registrations + micro-conversions. If you use synthetic conversions to analyze users you can divide them into two suitable groups – passive and active .

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