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Meanwhile, most customers who are interest in buying more than one product from the site and who cannot add another product to the cart, do not buy even a single product, i.e. abandon the cart altogether. Long waiting time for delivery The last problem, which is also the reason for abandoning the cart, is the long waiting time for delivery. What counts for the customer is the quality of the product, the price of the product, quick and easy ordering, and fast delivery. The customer chooses online shopping, not traditional, precisely because he wants to save his time (mainly by staying at home). Information about the fast delivery time definitely encourages him to buy.

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The lack of such information or informing about the two-week delivery time causes the effect of an abandon cart. Rucing the number of abandon carts – summary If we want to ruce the number of abandon carts, we must remember the Dubai Phone Number List above rules: customers should not be forc to register on the site; the purchasing process should be easy and fast; information on delivery costs must be clearly visible; you ne to make sure that the customer can buy many products while shopping; delivery time should be kept as short as possible.

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Implementation of all the above-mention principles should result in an increase in customers’ trust in the brand, and thus – not abandoning their shopping carts and, consequently, an increase in sales. Call to action – what is it and how to use it? numoco , years ago minutes of reading Call to action – A call to action is an element that leads to a logical conclusion of a transaction, a call to buy a product or order a service. The main goal of the CTA button is to get the user to the order in the shortest possible time, i.e. to achieve the user’s ultimate goal. What is a USA B2B List CTA The call to action is the final step in the purchasing decision algorithm.