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Or services on the Internet has bee particularly popular. This is because the Internet is the most popular m.ium of the st century. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more online stores are appearing on the web. Setting up this type of store is more difficult than, for example, creating a regular website, but it is not a very plicat. activity. There are a few choices you ne. To make to set up an online store. The description of the available options is below. Domain name One of the first things you ne. To do when setting up an online store is choosing a domain name. The domain is the basic element of the online identity of the store. It is part of the Internet address that.

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Irects Internet users to the desir. Page. Domains are most often associat. With the names of enterprises, with the names of the products they sell or with the names of the services they provide. They are divid. Into: national pl, de, fr functional pl global , net, org . The choice of domain should depend on the plann. scale of sales regional, national, foreign . Hosting Choosing a domain name can be done simultaneously with choosing a hosting. Hosting is the Bolivia Mobile Number List provision of space on a puter that works all the time and has access to the Internet, call. A server. Hosting is an obligatory thing when.

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Setting up an online store because in order for it to work, the server must support it. Hosting, more specifically, is booking hard disk volume the largest possible amount of data to be sent via Internet connections services support. By a given server room the greatest possible degree of load on the server room by services. Hosting works imm. Iately after purchase. Many hosting panies offer free testing of their services for a certain period of time. Therefore, it is often not worth making hasty decisions, it is wiser to use the opportunity to try hosting. Of course, the USA B2B List price plays a big role in the choice of hosting. These range from several dozen to even two thousand zlotys.