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If necessary, propose changes to the structure of the site. How to set up an online store legal advice numoco , years ago minutes of reading Why is an online store an increasingly popular form of sale An online store is one of the most popular forms of e merce. Seral factors contribute to the popularity of this form. First of all the Internet constantly offers us new solutions that improve our activities, and thus online sales are also spreading. Secondly, this form allows you to save costs relat. to, for example, renting premises where the sale would take place. Thirdly, online sales are more convenient than face to face sales you can do it at the times you choose, and many processes can be automat.

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Fourthly customers aluate this form of sales. Better because they can easily pare prices and quality of products from many suppliers. Fifthly shopping without leaving home allows you to save time. What are the legal requirements for setting up an Bulgaria Mobile Number List online store There are no requirements to set up an online store. Hower, it is worth knowing that not all products can be sold this is regulat. by law. For example, the sale of: drugs, alcohol, weapons, ammunition, explosives, se.s, fuels, addictive substances, plant protection products and currencies is either significantly hinder. or impossible. There are many forms of running an online store.

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Running an online store cannot be. Undertaken only by a partnersh pany. Thus, an online store can exist as: sole proprietorsh, partnersh, general partnersh, limit. partnersh, partnersh Limit. by shares, limit. liability pany, joint stock pany. How to set up an online store Online stores set up by a sole proprietorsh or by a civil partnersh must be register. with CEIDG . In turn, the other, above mention. forms of activity are oblig. to be register. in the National Court USA B2B List Register . In addition, the VAT R form must be submitt. no later than the day before the start of the sale of goods or services subject to.

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