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October 23, 2023 By luedh

Software storage dialog. Can be adjusted to your wishes. However, the recommended location is C:\ or system, then just click next as before. setup android studio Actually, you are free to change the name of the Android Studio application that will be displayed on the Start Menu. However, because you are currently installing Android Studio, choose Android Studio. Click install to start the installation process. Wait for the process to complete, then we will install the SDK. Installing the Android Studio SDK SDK, short for ( Android Software Development Kit ), is a set of tools and software programs used by developers to create applications for a particular platform . Previously, you have successfully installed Android Studio.

Open the application and follow

 The SDK ( Android Software Development Kit) installation instructions . First run Android Studio. Launcher Studio Then a display like the one below appears. Just click next setup android studio Choose custom mode, then set which packages you want to install. Why did I choose custom? So that we are familiar with the installation settings in Android Studio. setup android studio You just follow the instructions. You can choose a theme according to your wishes then just continue. Here I chose Dracula mode, which means it has a dark theme. setup android studio themes After selecting the theme mode, the next display will ask you to install several components. These components can be adjusted to suit your needs. For example, if you want to add an emulator, you must check.

The components as in the image

 Setup android studio The total data to be downloaded is quite large, namely 1.39 GB. Therefore, if you install a virtual device , it will also require a lot of quota, hehe. android studio setup review Click finish to continue the download stage. Wait until the process is complete. The downloading process here takes quite a long time because you need an internet USA B2B List connection. After the download and installation process is complete. Then the Android Studio launcher display will appear as in the image below. launch android studio Congratulations! You already know how to install Android Studio. Your steps to becoming an Android developer are getting closer, all you have to do is execute your determination.