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If you want to be guided in learning Android coding.  set up android studio Check “Android Virtual Device” if you want to install the Android emulator. setup android studio OK, then go to the Why? Because the material taught is standardized according to the needs of today’s digital technology. There are various other reliable classes available, both paid and FREE. As a warm-up, try taking the Learning to Make Android Applications for Beginners class. The list? Click Also read other articles which are certainly useful for you as a reader. Tips for Asking About Coding Well ( ) Tips for Overcoming Application Errors in Android Studio (

How to Install Android Studio

Applications and Android SDK: Short Tutorial ara-instal-aPL-android-studio-dan-android-sdk-tutorial-short/ ) “Learning is not obtained by chance. It must be sought with zeal and listened to diligently.” Abigail Adams Please provide comments regarding the Android Studio installation process. Don’t hesitate to ask if you experience difficulties when installing or ws number list downloading Android Studio. Also share your experiences when coding Android applications. OK, see you ! How to Install Android Studio in 15 minutes – by Rendi Juliarto , Intern Junior Content Writer Dicoding IndonesiaHello fellow developers, The series Dicoding Developer Coaching: Android has ended , which discusses the obstacles in the class.

Starting Programming with Kotlin

Kotlin is the main language used in Android development. Currently, Kotlin is stable and widely used by industries, such as Gojek, Netflix, Twitter and many more. Apart from Android development, Kotlin can be used for various kinds of application development, be it server or backend, or websites. In fact, Kotlin/Native is currently being developed, which allows developers to use it as a programming language in developing applications on other platforms such as embedded systems, desktops, macOS, and iOS. The large USA B2B List number of communities contributing to Kotlin has made this language grow very rapidly. Kotlin was named “Fastest growing languages” by GitHub Octoverse 2018 beating Rust, Go, etc. This class was prepared by our expert developer in collaboration.