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October 23, 2023 By luedh

With Deny Prasetyo (Senior Software and Infrastructure Engineer, Gojek). The material in this class is tailored for those of you who want to understand the basic concepts of Kotlin . Functional programming, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), concurrency in Kotlin, and others. Hopefully this is useful and the obstacles you experience can be resolved Dicoding Academies is the right solution after participating in the 5 series of events. For those of you who are left behind, don’t worry, we summarize the recorded video as follows:Often we feel lazy about studying, right? Explaining the word lazy may be very varied. In essence, laziness is always synonymous with being unproductive. Laziness.

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Actually a very natural . However, laziness is considered unnatural if it exceeds its limits. Therefore, it is important for us to understand the normal limits of someone’s laziness. To find out whether it is normal for someone to be lazy, observe the people around you, such as parents, siblings, friends, neighbors and people you often meet. If you have a period of whatsapp database laziness like them, then it is still considered normal because the environment will shape you just like your environment and there is nothing wrong with that. It would be better if you reduce the duration of laziness and replace it with something productive and self-development. Our parents always expect that we should be able to exceed their abilities, right? Therefore, the process of shaping our beautiful future must start from now.

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Of laziness in studying by disciplining ourselves through the following 10 steps: “One of the cruelest stunts in life is allowing a brilliant mind to become a slave to a lazy body, which prioritizes rest before getting tired” (by: Haji Abdul Malik Amrullah). 1. Focus on passion Mystic books You USA B2B List must always develop the passion you already have. If you don’t have a passion yet, you can explore whatever interests exist in your environment. You need to know that focusing on one passion will make you excel in that field. This will make your learning process so far not in vain. 2. Choose a learning method that is quickly understood Reading outdoors Being lazy about studying could mean there is something wrong with your study method.