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Event that your results do start slowing down If your budget is big enough, we’d more so suggest having hose audiences and ads running in another ad set in an A/B split test Read our post on ad testing ne t to learn more about it But essentially, if you have a good thing going with your campaigns you don’t want to change it solely to fi a metric that isn’t as important as the one directly relat to your profit, like cost per result Now before we move on, it’s important to note that everything we’ve talk about with frequency so far is in the event of cold audiences.

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These are the people who have never heard of your brand or business before You should e pect your frequency to be higher for warmer audiences, like a retargeting audience These are people who have heard of your brand before such as your website traffic, your post engagement, and you’re intentionally showing ads to them again to get them Luxembourg Mobile Number List to convert You should see a higher frequency on those campaigns because that’s the point of themCTR When looking at your ad results, if your cost per result is too high, and your frequency is low, we usually look atCTR So we’re going to go back to columns, and change our view to.

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Performance And Clicks ad results You can see it’s showingclicks, cost perclick, andCTR which meansclick through rate We keep specifyingclicks and not just clicks because some metrics will measure all clicks, which include likes on the ad, comments, etc And in this instance, we specifically want to see out of all the people who have seen the ad, how many people are actually clicking to the website So yourCTR is “the percentage of times people saw your ad and perform aclick ” Now yourCTR will vary depending on your business, industry, and USA B2B List target audience, but let us show you how to think about these metrics in general If your cost.