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Yourself going back to the basics with your impressions That’s because this will tell you if your ad is delivering at an e pensive cost, to begin with There are a few things that can affect your CPM, so let’s go through some really quickly a If you’re targeting a really popular audience, it can raise your CPM Birthdays are a great e ample of this So many businesses love to target people by their birthday month because you can deliver ads that say “Here’s a free birthday sample on us Just fill out your name and to receive it ” or what have you And when.

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Everybody is targeting the same audience, it becomes an e pensive audience because you’re all bidding on the same people b basically rates your ads bas on how people respond to them If you’ve read our post on quality ranking score, then you’re probably familiar with this concept If people are hiding your ads a lot or disliking them, will recognize that Macedonia Mobile Number List and kind of punish you for it It will take more money from you than it did before to continue delivering ads to the same number of people So if your CPM is high, try testing out some new audiences and new ads.

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Return On Ad Spend Now, this is more specific to conversion campaigns and businesses that are selling online products You’ll ne to go to customize columns, then type in ROAS and select that option, and click the blue Apply button to see this metric in your campaigns This is “the total return on ad spend ROAS from purchases ” This is bas on information receiv from one or more of your connect Business Tools and attribut to your ads You’ll ne to have USA B2B List your Pi el set up correctly This is so you’ll be able to see how much you made in revenue from the purchases.