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Many advertising activities focus on customer acquisition. Sometimes even reaching the recipient becomes an end in itself, while. Usually it is not an element of the strategy on which you can stop. If we are happy with the growing number of visits to the website or ad. Views, it is worth making sure that these satisfactory results translate into the advertiser’s profit. How to take care of it Measuring campaign effectiveness briefly about KPIs. One of the most important questions that both the advertiser and the marketer dealing with the execution of the. Campaign should ask themselves is What is the most important goal of marketing activities.

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This most important goal, which we strive for. In advertising activities, should coincide with the designat KPI key performance indicator , ie. A key performance indicator. What is hidden under this slogan KPI is a fairly measurable way indicator to verify effectiveness. By setting the main goal and auxiliary goals, you can better optimize marketing processes , subordinating them to specific intend effects. Target Setting goals and measuring effectiveness. To set Latvia Mobile Number List realistic goals, you ne to know both your own business and its business environment who are the competitors, what characterizes. The market in which the company operates, who are the current. cConsumers with whom the brand cooperates.

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Who does the company want to reach in its activities. The answers to these questions can be us to better match the channels and forms of communication. How If we want to reach a narrowly specializ group of people with our message, we should use the targeting options available in a given advertising mium. Acting locally, we do not ne nationwide advertising. In anticipation of feback from parents, we can narrow down the audience by interest or USA B2B List age. Knowing the goals of a marketing campaign, you can better ensure their proper measurement. If it is known that potential customers, in order to